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Running of the Bays Half Marathon and OLL 5K Course

Both the Half Marathon and the 5K will start and finish at the Bethel Methodist Church. The routes will start at the church lot and go two blocks to the Dakota Trail. Then runners will go out and back along the Dakota Trail heading east towards Wayzata. The turn arounds will be at the half way points for both (at Kings Road for the 5K and just east of Orono Orchard Road for the Half Marathon.) Please note: due to this change, the half marathon is NOT A CERTIFIED half marathon. Also, to avoid congestion, we will start in rolling waves for the half. .


The City of Mound provides a wonderful, three level parking ramp with free parking right in downtown just 1 block from the finish line! It is located just East of Commerce Boulevard off of Shoreline Drive.  In consideration of the local businesses and their patrons, please utilize this parking ramp.  THERE WILL BE NO PARKING AT THE START/FINISH LINE!!

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